Steven Bee Urban Counsel

Urban Counsel offers advice and guidance to all those engaged in planning for and undertaking development. The distinctive Urban Counsel approach seeks out the commonalities among interested parties to maximise consensus and minimise conflict.  It also addresses the physical, social, economic and political contexts to inform intelligent, responsible and profitable development.

Urban Counsel is offered as:

Creative catalyst

For example, exploiting distinctive characteristics of a place to create development that reinforces character and gains popular support

Strategic rangefinder

For example, setting aspirational yet achievable objectives for a new or refreshed activity;  identifying principles to guide and inspire their achievement

Change manager

For example, identifying the elements of business practice that constrain improvement; informing responses to changing circumstances; introducing new methods, systems and culture with specific and measurable objectives

Critical friend

For example, challenging and testing assumptions about new development proposals/policies; anticipating other opinions; modifying/reinforcing proposals; presenting a robust justification

Expert witness

For example, presenting the case for or against development based on a precise, objective appreciation of context and the impact of new development on its wider setting

Informed communicator

For example, presenting complex and technical information/guidance in a format and language that is accessible to all, and will be understood consistently

Inclusive facilitator

For example, encouraging the engagement of interested parties; helping them to identify and define common interests; establishing a shared route to agreement

Dispassionate mediator

For example, retracing the steps that have led to disagreement or conflict; securing mutual  acknowledgement of legitimate interests and objectives; exploring opportunities for compromise; agreeing a revised plan and programme for implementation

The Urban Counsel approach derives from the extensive and particular experience and skills of its Principal, Steven Bee. The Practice works independently and in co-operation with other experts and consultant teams to provide services that fit your needs as closely and helpfully as possible.